Looking for input on saddlebags I bought a set from Vikingbags and they didn t...


Looking for input on saddlebags. I bought a set from Vikingbags and they didn't fit so I had to return them. I was looking at ordering their bags that have shock cut outs but saw that someone else was having fitment issues with those as well. I have a 2008 Shadow Spirit VT750C2. Thanks for the help.

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  • I bought chrome saddlebag supports on eBay that came with spacers. I was able to space the brackets out far enough to clear the shocks and then put whatever saddlebags you want on. I bought mine from www.bikerleather.com. They were inexpensive but I am really impressed with the quality for the money. Here is a photo that may help show how the bags are spaced away from the bike.

  • I have saddlemen teardrop saddle bags on my 2005 750 aero.. they have the shock cut out

  • Bought some from Leather Up (online) several years back that have held up well.

  • I have viking bags with cutouts and did my own brackets best bags I ever owned and the brackets were very easy.

  • No issues I have the Viking warrior and warrior trunk fit great

  • I didn't know about the trunk bag. I'm going to order that instead. I have their economy travel bag but I don't like leaving it on full time.

  • This is full time I made the tray and bolted the bag to it

  • Don't think I'm going to make a bracket for it. I just want something to throw some stuff in while I'm riding. I bought some bags off Amazon and they only lasted 2 days.

  • Anyone ever fit hard bags on a C2? Mines an '08 as well and I would like a set of top loading hard bags.

  • This one came with straps and everything to Velcro on u will be very happy Amazon had them for 90.00

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey do you have a pic on the inside of your Viking bag?

  • My trunk

  • Yeah

  • Tony Boehm I can