Looking for some advice. I ve never mounted a winch to a four wheeler before

Looking for some advice. I've never mounted a winch to a four wheeler before. Just picked up a 2008 Rancher ES 4x4. It's wired for a winch (previous owner took it off to use for his duck boat). Not sure how to mount one. I don't really expect to need it, but since it is wired for one, might as well go with it.

Here is the winch I've had in the garage for a year. Someone bought it for me last year and I never mounted it on my old four wheeler.

Any tips? I don't even know how it is supposed to go in or what it bolts to!

  • I'm not sure if mine has a mounting plate. It has all the wiring, but I don't know if the previous owner removed the mounting plate with the winch.

  • It would be mounted to your mid bumper braces if it has a mount. The winch mounts upside down on the 420.

  • picture of the mount that is already in the bike would help a lot

  • Don't see a mount in there. It looks like such a tight fit, I have a hard time imagining that there is room in there for a winch and a mounting plate! Gonna wait until the weather warms up to figure it out I guess.

  • Just mounted a badlands 2500 on this one, order the winch mount and follow the direction its pretty easy.

  • Here is what it looks like in there.

  • I was thinking of a differnt machine on the mount location. The 420 mounts below those mid braces onto the bumper. Yours doesn't have the mount and your missing a couple bolts on the lower bumper mounts.

  • Yeah I just noticed those bolts missing when I took the pics. Wondering if the PO didn't reinstall them when he removed the winch, or never installed them when it was originally mounted.