Looking for some advice I want to get rid of my rear diving board what should I...

Looking for some advice, I want to get rid of my rear diving board what should I go for and where could I get it fitted in London? (I'm not handy one bit) Cheers!

  • I have the mnnthbx basic high mount on mine, very simple, very neat.

  • Could make your own for £12 but that's a bit more fiddly.

  • Yeah if you had some metal, a vice & a drill you could easily make one for sure.

  • I got a Tyga, led indicators included from Gavin Greenall

  • Those look great! Michael Eddington I'm guessing that's with the integrated tail light?

  • Yep, smoked integrated tail light on now. I like them. You could easily put some small angle brackets on to put some small indicators on if need be though.

  • Use 4 L brackets that's what I'm going to do

  • Just remember that when you get a tail tidy, you get filthy when it's wet outside as the tail tidy will do bugger all to stop the spray from the road

  • That's what the pillion passenger is for

  • I like your style! :D

  • I've got the mnnthbx with integrated lights too. My bikes only around the corner from yours so you are welcome to take a look. It's over £100 though

  • what exhaust do you have currently Ben Lucas i went through this last few days and opted for the Tyga CF tail tidy from Gavin Greenall , quality is great and looks stunning