Looking for some help


Looking for some help

Any Honda techs or mechanic here

Help talk me through problem

Some answered but never answered me back

Plz anyone

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  • Let me look through my shop manual and ask done gear heads I know.

    I would think if your fans not coming on it would cause that.

    I would also check the sensor. You should be able to read that with a ohm meter but I will double check that. Answer you tomorrow

  • Ok but I know fan wasnt comi.g on

    Somehow something got bent fan hits shrowd and radiator wouldnt spin and fuse blew

  • Thank you

  • get the fan working then we can t/shoot from there. at least it's a start

  • Ok Im hoping when I straighten out whatever is bent and replace fuse fan still works.

    Do you think that is my problem ??????

  • It could be

  • Has to be only thing happened since parked last winter

    Just hoping didn't do any other damage and want to know how it happened its been in locked shed only I have keys

  • Hey whats up. I fixed the fan blades and replaced the fuse. Fan run now and I put 40 miles on rode around town and no temp light think it fixed.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    One other question I noticed your shadow has different exhaust did you have to rejet the carbs

  • No I only synced them

  • Ok thanks and thanks again for your help