Looking for some help with information please my running light keeps blowing

Looking for some help with information please, my running light keeps blowing.

I've had to replace the bulb three times within the last six weeks, the brake light works just not the running light after riding.

  • When this happened to mine is was the wrong size fuze.

  • What size did you go with?

  • Whatever it said in the fuze panel lol

  • Oh I thought maybe you knew something different.

  • What light is blowing? is it the headlight? A fuse will have no bearing on a light bulb blowing. It is possible the voltage regulator is bad and sending to much voltage to the bulb causing it to blow. Or, what year is your rebel? if it is a second generation with an H4 bulb are you touching the glass of the bulb with your fingers? if you are this will shorten the life of the bulbs. After you install the bulb wipe the glass, of the bulb, with rubbing alcohol. Then let it dry before powering it up.

  • No it is the running light, my brake light works just the running light keeps blowing. It is a 2009. We check the fuses and I have three 10 amps.

  • What do you mean by "running light"?

  • My guess is tail light. Unless he has a 450. the 450s the front turn signals are also running lights.

  • If you are actually referring to the taillight. The high voltage can still be an issue. I would first try a different manufactures bulb, or switch to LED, The vibrations of the rebel may be doing in the bulb. Try a Long life bulb. http://shop.advanceautoparts.c om/p/sylvania-long-life-1157-l l-mini-bulb-2-pack-1157-ll/508 1890-P

    I switched to this https://www.superbrightleds.co m/moreinfo/tail-brake-turn/115 7-led-bulb-w-brake-flasher-dua l-function-1-high-power-led-ba y15d-retrofit-car/923/2274/#/t ab/Reviews