Looking for someone to build and ship me forward a arms for a 2014 420

Looking for someone to build and ship me forward a arms for a 2014 420. Prefer not to take my bike anywhere just want them shipped to me. Again for a 2014 Rancher 420. Wanting to clear 32.5s with no scrubbing.

  • I can stretch the swing arm a little more if need be. I have about 3" before I hit the floorboard in back as it sits now. The place I know is gonna need some work is the front just not sure what all work it needs

  • are you still running stock axels in frount if so u will have to change them and forward raked arms with a upgreaded axels and move your shock mounts on upper arms to make the new axels to 36 degrees of angle you should be good

  • I still have stocks in front. How much would Yall charge to build he front with rhino axles?

  • rhinos max out at 36 degrees but if u want we can get a 1 inch over stock to give u a lil lift in frount to make it fit also but i charge 150 per arm and then the cost of the axels

  • Do you need my bike to do that Marcus?

  • yes i would need it i make all one off parts but wouldnt be able to do it for at least a month

  • That's fine Im not in a big hurry. Right yet

  • Jason Bell. I just talked to my buddy. He said he could do it for about 300-325 but would need your bike. He's got a set of 32.5's so he could make sure they fit.

  • Jessie ill pm you tomorrow for valentines shit to do right now

  • Ok.