Looking for suggestions please I wear contacts and full face helmet shield...

Looking for suggestions please. I wear contacts and full face helmet shield down with sunglasses. For some reason my contacts pop out of my eyes when I ride for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not wear my glasses but if I have to any recommendations on good comfortable and affordable glasses? I'm considering getting sunglasses and clear glasses. Thank you

  • Never have any problems with my lenses... ride open helmet up to about 100km/u then put the visor down but still fair amount of wind as there is no chin piece.

    Different lenses?

  • Biker goggles

  • I quit wearing contacts. I found they floated in my eyes at speed..guess eyes tear more

  • Liquid tears when you leave and if they start getting dry more but I ride with no helmet just glasses and normally only have a problem after 10-12 hours of having them in and riding if I don't use the tears/rewetting drops

  • sounds like your lenses are the wrong fit for your eye... ask an optometrist his opinion about your situation and he might try a different size lens.


  • Can you get prescription goggles made or prescription sunglasses?

  • Actually yes. My wife just bought a pair of sunglasses prescription. As far as goggles go maybe. Just recommended wearing while contacts are in. Keep the wind from drying out your eyes

  • I have been riding 40 years and wearing contacts as long. I have worn KD's for decades. Used to be cheap at $4 after the SOA TV show they are expensive at $8 a pair. I save all old pairs as they have been unchanged all this time. I have replacement lens, frames and legs.