Looking for used speedo gauge for shadow 600vlx Mine is 1988 I believe they...

Looking for used speedo gauge for shadow 600vlx. Mine is 1988. I believe they are the same from 88-2000

Let me know what's out there


  • Good luck finding a reasonably priced OEM style. I've found a reasonable digital one that's cheaper than one from Honda. I know if you're like me you'll hate losing the original look but once the display is off its close lol. Here's a link:

  • I grabbed one on ebay not too long ago for $20

  • I have one with a new cable...everything wodks as it should even the back lighting!!!lol mess me

  • I'm looking for one too

  • Pmd you

  • Random question about replacing your gauge. Wouldn't this be illegal as the odometer is being tweaked? Obviously not a problem if you don't plan on selling. I was just wondering if the same rules apply like a car or not... it seems a lot of people do this (unlike cars) so that's why I was asking :):)

  • Kinda been wanting to switch over to a digital one, can you program your current miles on the bike into the one you posted or does it start fresh

  • Well, you might be correct, I know that mine does not work and so replacing it seems to be the only choice. Since it is broken, the mileage is wrong anyway.

  • I do think there is a legal process (having a notary sign off on the mileage) but not 100% sure. One of the bikes I looked at had court documents showing correct mileage.

    It's probably not a big deal unless you are in liberal MA and title laws are frustrating as all hell when registering.

  • In Washington State...if a vehicle is over 10 years old, we don't need a Mileage statement .

  • Lee Edwards ya, MA just sucks at life hahaha. The bike I just bought was in NH and a 99 which doesn't require a title. The owner had to register it to get a new title just so I could buy it

  • But we have to have titles to our vehicles. When I lived in Georgia, they don't need titles...which is stupid because this guys ex took his car, wrote out a bill of sale and sold it to the junk yard to get money. He could not prove it was his.

  • Should be program able

  • On a '96 VT1100.