Looking to buy rear shock Eu based unless you can ship as a gift don t really...

Looking to buy rear shock... Eu based unless you can ship as a gift, don't really wanna pay tax

  • Any other colours Ben

  • Sorry just the red .......

  • Be honest. The takegawa is the best value for money shock out there. Feels wicked

  • Thanks Morgan :-)

  • Seen this on eBay getting one myself not sure about quality but for that price Its worth a try!!

  • 35 quid. Fuck that!

  • Yeh it 35 quid cuz I'm not paying for just a name and because it's not advertised as being for msx u save money everything for msx seems to be 100 150 quid fuck paying that!!!! Yeh sum things u can't scrimp and scrap on but if it looks better than oem and has same specs who cares end of

  • As I've been told might not be right spring compression and all that jazz

  • Look at listing it's exact match to oem but u asked I just thought I'd throw it in there!

  • Ohh if that's the case I shall take a look thank you Alex :)