• Looking to replace the stock bars What is closest to the stock bend Like the...

    Looking to replace the stock bars. What is closest to the stock bend. Like the Pro tapers and have ran them on my dirt bikes. What are you guys running and let's see those pictures?

    • Pro Taper KLX110

    • These were a good medium between stock and pro taper height

    • Xr50os the closest you will get

    • Which mirrors have you got there?

    • Renthal 611-01. They are a little bit wider than stock and the control area is smaller so your levers are kind of mounted on the bend

    • Shit that was the first of many things I did lol i will try and find them forget which site il get back to you!

    • Takegawa

    • Love that rear stunt peg set up m8!

    • I have the xr50 pro tapers not fair off stock

    • I've got a few sets of bars mate for sale