Looking to seafoam my 2000 F4 any tips about doing it Checked out the old...

Looking to seafoam my 2000 F4, any tips about doing it. Checked out the old YouTube and there is various methods used on different bikes.

  • What's seafoam?

  • Gets put in the carbs whilst they are in the bike to clean them

  • Blimey learn something new everyday

  • pull the tank off, pull the airbox off ,run and IV of gas to the carbs, run the bike until it's up to temperature ,spray in the seafoam in each carburetor lightly until it starts smoking out of the exhaust, shut the bike off wait 10 minutes restart the bike (thats for the spray type Deep Creep Seafoam )

  • Ideal, cheers Ralph

  • While it does clean the carbs slightly it's more for getting the carbon off of the valves and the top of the pistons which is why the bike has to be warmed up when you spray it in, the other kind that you pour in the gas tank is for cleaning the carbs and also will clean the valves a little bit you can also put it in your oil just before an oil change to clean out the crankcase

  • Is it worthwhile doing both the pouring and spray type

  • Im a car mechanic for a living so heard of other 2, just not the seafoam lol

  • Usually when I get a bike that has sat a while or is running rough and I'm going over it it's the first thing I do is the Deep creep into the carbs then after that process is done and the bike is back together I put about a half a cup to a cup in the gas tank for the first couple fill ups and I also do a cup in the oil and run it for about 10 minutes before the oil change

  • Also John Fortune keep in mind the Deep creep only works when the engine is up to temperature and what I usually do is spray into each carb then I load the carbs up with a lot so I'll spray a lot into each carburetor really quick until the bike dies on its own and what it does is cleans the combustion chamber of all the built-up carbon and it cleans the carbon around the piston rings so you may get better compression if your piston rings are stuck up with carbon and cleans the valves so you have better flow throughout the engine you can do this process a few times if you feel the need sometimes I do it 2 to 3 times remember the bike is going to be hard to start at first each time you go to start it up after the process so be patient with restarting it don't flood it out and stuff like that trying to get it started backup

  • Ralph Anthony. Do you just spray into the throttle bodies?? If I want to clean the carbs will mixing it with the fuel be enough as I've seen clips of people draining the float bowls of fuel and filling them with pure seafoam and leaving 24hrs. Apologies for all the q's, but pretty new to the biking and don't want to bugger my pride and joy

  • Yes I sprayed in all for throttle bodies and load them up evenly until the bike dies out all that's doing is going straight into your combustion chamber and soaking while you let it sit while it's warm and it's cleaning up the valves the top to the pistons and the piston rings and then when you started back up it's going to blow all that shit out of the exhaust pouring it into your gas tank is what's going to clean the carbs themselves and the float bowls As long as your bike runs fine as it is you should be alright I normally take apart my carbs and clean them properly then do this whole process just to ensure cleanliness

  • Brilliant advice, appreciated