Looking to stunt my grom Any recommendations on fair priced bits like...

Looking to stunt my grom. Any recommendations on fair priced bits like handbrake crash cage 12 bar ect...Need to be able to use it on the roads

  • Handbrake www.thesicshop.com

  • Handbrake bracket #NDCustomz

  • Dark Knight Street

  • Are you on l plates

  • ????

  • Where can I get this from pref in white

  • Yeah

  • Stunt equipment will be for off road meets we have a strip we use

  • Dark Knight Street Facebook page

  • Make sure police don't pull you as my mate has had his seized be police for aftermarket parts it wasn't on his insurance therefore it was void got banned for riding with no insurance

  • Wow

  • Yep rediculous init just be careful mate

  • Only want it as I wheelies the other day and smashed my tail light to bits haha

  • Maybe even just. 12 bar and a handbrake then

  • Gunna message him

  • Haha that's a wounder mate, just make sure you let your insurance know then you'll be sweet

  • Www.Kev-TeK.com

  • Psd for hand brake all day!

  • Add yourself to GROM stunters and see what results you get