• Looks like I ll be collecting on Tuesday 24th Any recommendations for...

    Looks like I'll be collecting on Tuesday 24th :-) Any recommendations for insurance or just a case of do the usual shop about?

    • 22 with 4 years NCB (on bike) 1 major car crash (died for 2 minutes) and 2 years car NCB - 1 year from driving on provisional licence, and 1 year with latest car.... the crash was put down as a genuine accident so no claims on either side

    • crashed my fiesta about 6 weeks after passing my test - got a micra about 5 months later when i had healed properly - insurance just gone on the micra so 2 years NCB for car in total :)

    • Bloody hell died for 2 minutes?! Welcome back to life!!

    • yup, done a proper job, not one of these poxy whiplash claims haha

    • Go on thebikeinsurer.co.uk or mcn compare get the best quotes I'm with simply insurance 40 a month

    • Cheers Joshy think im happy with my quote!

    • You're welcome always use the bike insurer for my quotes always gives me best ones

    • I pay 260 a year lol 1 years riding two years no claims

    • Fully comp

    • Wait til you get to my age mate you'll be asked how many years ncb on the mobility scooter :-D