Loss power and ticking Can t tell if it s the valves but that s my thought...


Loss power and ticking. Can't tell if it's the valves but that's my thought; what do you guys think?

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  • What we call Honda Death Rattle...

  • It's amplified on the video but you can definitely hear it. I was just taking it easy in 2nd with a deer not strapped on the back rack and she sputtered out. Fired right up but a major power loss and ticking. Thanks for the help everybody! It's greatly appreciated. Definitely have to get it fixed because I retired from dragging deer when I got my hands on this rancher!

  • If it ain't broke don't fix it! Lol nah it's really hard to say from a video and not being there. Sounds too harsh for a chain. Could be valves or even the rod. Which all have been mentioned. Rid her till she blows. Then you'll have a starting point. Haha.

  • Where you located?

  • Charlotte NC. If I do that I'm without power and I need all she's got!

  • Oh damn. Way too far.

  • I think mine runs just fine, that's because I don't sink it and I don't fix what's not broke. You might want to try that once.

  • Most definitely a rod knock.. gonna need a full rebuild

  • Please elaborate Mr Boe. Do you think it is fine the way it is and yours sounds the same?

  • No, I'm not sure what's wrong. I was just messing. I see all these guys that wonder why their bike won't run right after they sink them in ponds and get water in the engine and wonder why it don't run. I have a 2012 and I use it for all kinds of work around the farm and then I get out and play on it once in a while and mine still looks and runs like new. All I have to do is change the oil once in a while and enjoy it.

  • Bradley Gregg