Love it when onlookers brush by the Harley s and stop at my Aero to look and...


Love it when onlookers brush by the Harley's and stop at my Aero to look and ask questions and compliments.

What are some of the experiences and comments you guys received?

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  • Had a retired Honda dealer come across a parking lot to see mine.. he had never seen the green/black combo.... its actually a fun bike to own :D

  • Its most fun when Harley fans get in close for a look of "what is it".. then when they see Honda... I get to laugh when they almost trip over every other bike trying to "not be seen" looking at it lol

  • Well......when I had my dual fishtails, I had a Santa Clara County Sheriff pull up next to me...he yelled "you got baffles in that thing?" "Yes, sir" I yelled back. "Well, it's awfully loud!". Light turned and I slugged away, thinking.. Then roll up your f#*&ing window! 2 weeks later a Los Altos city officer pulled up and yelled "Nice pipes!". each their own!

  • First cop was a "Tackleberry"

  • My favorite comment was from a little old lady who said it reminded her of her husband's Indian they used to ride back in the day. I was very honored!

  • I love the big Aero fenders.

  • I dont think there is much question that it was fashioned after the Indian...

  • Several of the poker runs I have been on have been with mostly Harley riders....I got a Lil 04 750 Aero...stage 2 jet kit and Vance and Hines Short Shots with no baffles....I start it up and they all turn around looking.

  • I call mine the Honda Davidson, too....cause there are more Harley parts on it, then made mine solo, removed the passenger foot pegs and put Hertiage Softtail bags on her....I do a lot of travelling and need the storage,,,,,,lol, plus she has floor boards and forward pegs, with the mustang seat with backrest, I'm good to go.....

  • Pretty BA, wish it were a 1500 and injected though

  • After the lost focus at the badge on my gas tank, they ask who made, oh and that motorcycle must be very old. Guess the retro works.