Loving the sticker design and quality so glad I found a place to put it


Loving the sticker design and quality, so glad I found a place to put it! Adding to the collection :)

Thanks again to Jack Dempsey Osborne for kindly giving me one of his :) But I'll be ordering more I'm afraid... And maybe a Hoodie :P

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  • Could some one explain how? I can understand certain paints causing issues, since some contain solvents that might attack the resin in the shell. But a sticker?

  • Always been told not to as the sticker could stop the lid from backing as they are designed to

  • Lids are made from composite (fibre glass or carbon fibre). The tensile strength of the shell with be much larger compared to a thin vinyl sticker (maybe 1000x). Now compare the tiny tiny alteration in strength due to the sticker, and then think about all the variations in accident speeds, angles, surface hardnesses etc. It won't make blind bit of difference. Might as well stick gaffer tape over a tank's armour to make it stronger. I'm saying all this as a guy who works in composited for the aerospace industry, so I know a fair bit. I'd be more concerened about the go pro, and far more concerned about surrounding drivers or road condition. Stickers would be the last thing 'on my mind' ;)

  • P.S. I'm not trying to be patronising, just don't like to see people falling victim to urban myths :)

  • agree Gavin, gopro might weigh say a pound or so with mount when attached to side of helmet but that 1lb is greatly magnified at even 30mph.

  • I still personally wouldn't do it I would rather be safe then sorry

  • The way I look at it, is that if they laminated glass to put on windshields to stop it from shattering and increase the strength, then this should help. But then there is the whole adhesive "issue". Why would people use an adhesive if they knew it would effect the surface it's stuck to, that would open that producer to so much legal hassle. Which isn't good for business. Each to there own :) I could be wrong, but if i am, then that's why the stickers are on the back :P

  • I'd say it depends on the drop. On the 2013 london run I saw a guy knock his lid off his bike twice in succession (!) onto concrete (!!!). The noise made everyone wince. But carpet? Should be fine.

  • Plus if some one else drops it, give them hell and get a new lid out of them! :)

  • If the eps lining is damaged from the fall then you should replace the helmet. If the eps is fine then your good to keep using it.