Major headwind on the way home tonight Struggled to hit 50mph Shit video very...


Major headwind on the way home tonight... Struggled to hit 50mph.... Shit video very distorted because of the wind and it's on my phone

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  • Crazy winds mate made my alarm on the bike go off in the middle of the night last night

  • The winds are shit this neck of the woods mate.... I'm fine ooln the way to work hitting 70-75 pice of piss with a tail wind

  • On the way to work i hit 74 on a stock bike with a slip on exhaust, on the way home down the A38 i hit 53ish flat out, leaned flat like a TT rider lol

  • winds were strong behind me on the way but calmed down on way home but facing me

  • Had the same problem, the only thing I don't like about the grom

  • Fuck winds must have been really strong. Saying that with my 18 years of riding you don't really want to be going much faster in winds like that lol.

  • Lol, surely there are laws about recording using your phone whilst riding.

  • Haha laws what laws