Manage to get the crank case and clutch ornament set at a good price i really...

Manage to get the crank case and clutch ornament set at a good price.i really like them just finishes the bike off

  • Very tempting!!!

  • They really do look nice and at this price it's a steal

  • Just got my kit from a Honda dealer in Scotland, if anyone wants them they're now discontinued and they ordered em specially in to get rid of em. Discounts to be had!

  • Thier sweet

  • How are they attached ?

  • I think they just stick on

  • Any link or phone number etc?

  • There the nylon rings not the crankcase ornament set, I think they look a bit strang tbh

  • Lol!

  • Have you got these yet, as curious if looks like silver or not as listed as beige

  • but any honda dealer will be in the same boat since all stock comes from the same warehouse and they're just selling off the stock that's in there

  • No yet but will put pic up when fitted

  • The ring set arrived today and they definitely are silver not beige they are exact same colour as my frame.just as I wanted them to be

  • Excellent find then, thank you for taking time to advise. Just purchased last one

  • I rang Honda at bourmouth and they can get you the clutch ring at a discounted price £16 they have had to get it from Belgium and should be here next week.give them a call

  • Excellent thanks for tip will give them a call