• Mark Pearson shared Willi Koeltgen's video to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club.

    Duggie Heminsley looooooooooook.

    Even short arses can ride a BMW

    • Have seen this before , when you getting them fitted or you already have

    • That's an R12R, I'm 5' 7" and can get both feet flat on n the floor on one of those no problem. In fact almost bought one in 2015, bought the Guzzi instead.

    • Shush Rob, I'm trying to make tractors accessible to all

    • Sorry, it is a nice bike though

    • Had a look at one , yes it is nice bike to look at but it's still got BMW on it same as I wouldn't want a Harley

    • Ye gods - death trap waiting to happen. You set off at a junction to turn right (or left), so what do you do. Accelerate and lean over. BANG!

    • Totally understand Duggie would be quite boring if we all liked the same.

    • Alice Morris you have no excuse now xxxxxx

    • I'd just love to see a bike like that in Scotland, every other biker would fall of their bikes, wetting themselves laughing!!!

    • if you forget to retract, how to you turn with them ?