Martin Smith shared a memory to the group: Honda Atv's of America.


man was i selling some nice builds cheep.just an fyi this was sold along time ago.

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  • it was all redone-new.i think I sold it for $2600 but don't remember.yeah I always sell stuff for good deals and don't overprice my stuff.

  • I wish I could have grabbed this

  • I redid this one and sold it for $2650.250r's don't have to be $3000+

  • Ya ik they don't but if u say that to the seller they get all butt hurt. Everyone thinks their r is worth 10 grand or better lol

  • it's not hard to have $5000+ in a build.

  • Oh no doubt but u can defiantly tell the differnce between a 3,000 bike and a 8,000 bike

  • I have over $14,000 in mine.and it moght be worth $4,500 but I would never sell it.

  • And u understand that lol. Most say I got over 10k in this and try to sell it for 13k lol. I've seen them.granteed they are beautiful bikes but damn dude who has 15k to buy a freaking quad lol

  • That is nice, and a nice deal

  • Is this what you brought that day?

  • no I don't think so.