Martin Smith shared a memory to the group: Honda Atv's of America.

cant believe it's been a year sice I built my 85atc.

  • i need to find some finished ones.

  • i think it turned out pretty was it cold out when i was blasting and powdering the frame.loli think we had over 2ft of snow.

  • Chrome powder?....

  • yes

  • Nice.... It's pretty shiny for powder.

  • powder is just as shinny as paint.

  • I want to see the rest of this build

  • i only have a few pics of it basicly done.

  • Looks pretty good for almost done . Like the 88-89 trx I love that cut on the front have the same on mine

  • on my atc is done now.just dont have any pics.loljust this one from behind.