• Martin Smith shared his album to the group: Honda Atv's of America.

    it's my birthday present and it's all torn down.lolsome people should never touch motor's.timming totally off,counterballerncer in wrong,rings in the bottom end along with piston c clip.cylinder junk,crank had play in it.still got it all ready to rebuild though.lol

    • Happy birthday....haha don't trash on stevie wonder for trying to build his own engine

    • Happy birthday

    • did you buy one yet?this one will be forsale in a week or so.

    • Happy Birthday

    • I'll be looking for one Martin Smith.

    • it will bee done hopefully in a week or so.

    • K. Keep me informed please. I would really like to get one off of you.

    • it's pretty nice.with arms,houser,flexx,sparks,and it will have new crank,cylinder,piston,etc.lol

    • houser stem

    • Stock or hi comp

    • i'm going to do stock.i dont like hc pistons.

    • I'm right there with ya. Pm me please

    • ot maybe 11.5-12.5.not real sure yet.we shall see

    • Happy birthday

    • thanks

    • i spent WAYYYYY to much money today.i think i'm going to keep this one!!!