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anyone looking for a cheep project 86 250r?frame has been modded for i think a 350x motor but 250r will still bolt in and also has 88-89 rear upper mount....i do have more parts.carb,maybe wiring,front mounts,etc.

  • looks like they just cut the oem lower and made a tab for motor.

  • rear is set-up like 88-89.they did a nice job.

  • How much Martin Smith

  • pmed you

  • You should send me those ugly plastics:)

  • How much for the whole thing Martin Smith

  • come pic them up.i have several sets.

  • I would if you was closer but I do need a set if you wanna ship me some I could pay ya

  • i have nice red race cut and low pro's and full orange but not shipping them.

  • Your from.....Illinois?

  • Opps Ohio

  • ohio

  • Lol yea way far from texas

  • What do you want

  • 450.might be sold though

  • SOLD!!!