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just an fyi to people about shipping parts.dont just throw several heavy parts in a usps bag and ship.the cam gear and cam basket was just placed in a bag together and the gear chewed up every lob on the cam.

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  • I had a guy send me a 250 R transmission in a bag yesterday and when I received it was just a bunch of gears floating around inside of a box.. not cool if you ask me

  • i'm pretty pissed and dont trust any of it.what are people thinking?

  • The only thing they're thinking is I got their money

  • yeah but not thinking enough.i paid paypal.i'm not sure what i'm doing.i pmed him and he doesnt want to reply.i wonder why?lol

  • I also paid PayPal. Got mine on eBay

  • i was going to buy a new cam then a i got this one then a guy had the same thing for sale.alittle more money but not all messed up.

  • Yeah been shipping stuff several years can't do that. Hope you paid paypal. Try to get him to fix it if not file a claim.

  • They ain't.

  • I've had it happen before on several parts, sometimes people just don't think...

    BTW, it looks like a CRF cam.

  • yes it's an 02 crf450 cam

  • Common sense is not very common