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almost dont with the 450r motor.just have to wait for the timming chain,new push rod,clutches,piston and cylinder.i hate waiting on parts!!

  • Hate waiting on parts,,, sounds like you dont have enough to do, cause if you did you would be glad that little waiting time so you could sit back from being pushed up with work.

  • i have a guy wanting to buy it and i'm getting a kfx400 built by mark baldwin for ama last year i need to find room to put and part out.pluse truck needs wheel bearings,have stuff to do just now enough

  • got the motor together and running yesterday.took longer than i hoped but it sounds just need to do some tuning on the carb and it should be ready to ripp.

  • new stock bore athena cylinder and forged stock compression piston.repacked the sparks pipe.

  • it took all day to get all the messed up,broken,stripped bolts out and everything bolted up..wouldnt idle.ended up being the tps.they had cut wires but luckly i had a spare carb and used the tps off done and road it up and down the street and sold it 2 hours i wish i would have been able to really take it for a ride but oh