Martins pillion is in intensive care recovering but in a lot of pain as has 10...

Martins pillion is in intensive care recovering but in a lot of pain as has 10 bust ribs, punctured lung, broken wrist and leg and a few other injuries n finding it hard to breathe poor soul. She is expected to make a long but slow recovery..Get well soon Erika as it is understood she was conscious throughout the whole accident and was informed of martins passing at the scene after a nurse heard the noise and went to his aid and performed cpr for 40 mins whilst waiting on emergency services but he never regained consciousness so at least we know he passed without pain! ..

  • :( I only knew of martin as "benny hedges" via the vtr1000 forum

    Have a good ride on your way up there, rest in peace

  • Yeah, I'm ABB on the Forum (Anotherbikerbabe)

  • OMG.!! I never knew about the accident.! When did it happen.!!?

    I've met up with Martin "Benny Hedges" a few times on various rides etc.!

    Was a real nice bloke.!... Gutted.!!

    Rest Easy Bro.!

  • I'm afraid Ian White you'll have to visit the VTR forum for a catch up and Vees own page and such like for a read, be prepared and have tissues at the ready cos I howled like a baby reading about his antics on the NWBs forum....:-(

  • I've just looked back at previous post on the vtr1000 forum.... Very Sad News.!...

  • I expect he had a moment of panic and thought here's another bike written off before blanking out. He won't end up in a nursing home though like some of us or suffer the indignity of a death bed. He'll forever be in his leathers.

  • TOTAL on VTR forum today £840!! Hoping to crack the £1000 mark by Friday!