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Anyone using GPS trackers? Which one is worth getting? Was thinking about

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  • Nice and small, reasonably priced too. looks almost too good to be true haha

  • U haven't tried it though or have u?

  • No, not tried any trackers but am interested in one.

  • So am I after my grom was stolen...cant afford to lose another one...

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  • I'm looking at 'Oxford Tracker' which does not need charging. Seems pretty cool.

  • Any links

  • Looks interesting, always on the lookout for a decent tracker

  • I m getting pinpointpal

  • Would you mind letting me know what it's like after you've tested it and had it for a while?

  • Sure. My mate who will install it says it's great and they recently recovered one bike thanks to it so I really hope I won't have another motorcycle stolen...cos it really hurts...

  • That's great! I'll save the link for when I have the cash

  • Silly question and one probably not be answered on public forum but where would you hide a gps on a Grom ? Under the seat is no good, first place thieves look is the battery to check what's connected to it.

  • this one doesnt need to be connected to the battery so plenty of options

  • There's plenty of spots on the grom to hide things, you just have to think outside the box

  • Is it waterproof

  • Heard good things about bike trac.

  • Looking good