Mate is having trouble with his idle


Mate is having trouble with his idle.

Which notch on the needle should we start as a base setting.

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  • did you replace the orings on the carb to spacer and spacer to manifold and manifold to head?

  • Yep all new o rings

  • Gents could it be my choke playing up as well. When i rev the throttle a few times i can hear the chike flap flapping as air passes through (from the springs that hold it). It holds revs for about 5-6secs and then drops and dies. Reseated all hoses clamps etc so not sure about leaks. Any other suggestions?

  • Your airbox isn't broken at all? They crack around the mounting tabs, if it's broken it will suck air through and run lean. Does the airbox lid seal on the oring? If the choke is flapping around fix it, what happens if you hold the choke lever in the open position?

  • Airbox is cracked and never seemed to play up before and i thought with the hose clamps on tight it has a good seal because the metal sleeve inside the air box is tighly pressed by the rubber hose and clamps (maybe not anymore) The lid does seal on the o ring snug. If the choke is left open it revs it's tits off but doesn't die and then when i close it, it idles for say 15secs and eventually drops off and dies.

  • Just some backgrownd. I stripped the bike back to paint it a new colour and while it was apart i stripped the motor and put new gaskets in as it used to have a small oil leak. Put everything back and had it running for a few short 30min rides no problem till the other night while riding it just started lackibg top end and heard a slight rattle at higher rev range. Low revs in all gear fine and would no longer idle.

  • So if the choke is off ( lever pointing down) it runs and you can rev it out but it won't idle?

  • Yep that was the case. But ive now got it idling. I think i had my stop throttle screw and pilot screw all out of whack. Will take it for a spin and see how it goes under load. Appreciate all the feedback.

  • Here's a pic of what it looks like now.

  • Idle mixture screw all the way in and back out 1 1/2 turns, idle speed screw clockwise (in) to increase, anti clock ( out) to decrease.