• Matthew Oakley shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Come on, £160 for a full system, sounds pretty good to me

    • Everyone I've heard gives in to the noise eventually Jack xD

    • I actually sold it for something louder

    • What you using now Jack ?

    • I sold the maggot and got an MNNTHBX underbelly exhaust. Now got a Yoshi RS9. I'm waiting for Gavin Greenall to give me prices on the new Tyga system so I can place an order for that

    • nice mate Got a rs9 too. Will be interested to hear your thoughts about the tyga low mount and how it compares to the yoshi

    • I'll let you know when I get it!

    • Plz someone bid, thanks

    • xD

    • Shouldn't of put a reserve tbh start it at a quid and you will get what its worth in the last few hours , you wanna get as many people watching it as possible as there the ones thats ganna bid and get carried away with bidding lol noone likes to lose a bidding war

    • my msx...sounds a bit to loud,the tyga pipe...looks good tho!