• Matthew Phillips shared a link to the group: Honda xl125 xl175 xl185 xl200 xl250 xl250s xl500r Paris Dakar Motorsport.

    Nice project here for someone

    Look at this on eBay

    • There are two bikes in this lot !!

    • They are 250 motorsports

    • Just had a look at auctioneers terms motors 10% +vat minimum £80 +vat

      Starts to make things a bit pricey

    • Not to bad if it dont get nodded up to high..

    • Shttt my transport just,had to call off

    • Anyone go to the sale how much did this go for ??

    • Had to much on even missed carol nash Bristol show damn

    • I couldn't get transport to get any purchase home !!

    • Wonder how much it fetched ???

    • Would be nice to know

    • Charterhouse auctions

    • I darent look. Im sat next to wifey

    • I tried but didn't get any prices