May be pretty obvious but. Keep goin through rear tyres and they ain t cheep

May be pretty obvious but...... Keep goin through rear tyres and they ain't cheep. Rekon maybe coz I got a bent frame? Just wanna make sure lol

  • Make some subframe braces i have wrecked mine a lot and still haven't bent the frame

  • What tyres are you using?

  • Get City Grips.

  • If the wear is biased to the left side that is normal. All bikes that do mainly street riding wear the left side more. The reason is most roads crown in the middle so the water runs off each side... Therefore the left side wears first (driving in the us)

  • Did you reset the rear wheel after your crash? Loosen the chain tensioner and re tighten it straight

  • On the subject, I do loads of wet riding what tyres do you all recommend? Pushing towards conti 365s

  • Air pressure may have a role in your tire wear as well

  • City grips can't fault them there brilliant

  • Can't fault the 365s I've just had fitted. Feel secure with lots of feedback. But, then again, I did have Vee Rubbers on before!

  • Wasnt there a issue with the rear wheel spacer on some bike being and f*ck up bearing?

  • Yeah Danny Dee - a few have had this problem. Karl JB?

  • Yes, I've had this. Not an issue with the tyres though. Honda put a shorter spacer in which fucked up the wheel bearings