Maybe you guys can help me on this one Why does my 06 CBR600RR idle SO HIGH...


Maybe you guys can help me on this one. Why does my 06 CBR600RR idle SO HIGH upon cold start? It goes up to 3500 then after like a minute or so drops down to normal 13-1400; any suggestions???

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  • Not for sure but maybe the ecu is flashed?

  • a little high, mine is about 3k on cold start manual choke. when off choke 1k

  • Vacuum leak. Had the same issue on my f4i. Check vacuum lines to map sensor and vacuum lines that go to the bottom of the airbox. There's 2 vacuum ports on the head, one on cylinder 1, and one on cylinder 4. My vacuum line on the brake side of the head was open to atmosphere.

  • I have no idea how to do any of that, probably gonna have to bring this to my mechanic

  • Fuel injected correct? Mine does that also. The computer adjusts everything like a manual choke would. Once up to temperature, everything opens up.

    That is my limited, and possibly misguided, understanding.

  • Glenn Semmelmann.

  • Fuck. I think the same thing. It usually happens at a certain temp.

  • I think almost all motorcycles and even cars do it.

  • I don't notice it too much in vehicles; excluding diesel motors. I know my '94 F2 does, as it is carbureted. The RR is fuel injected and will do it when the temperatures are cooler.

  • It should not idle at 3k. That's way too high

  • Max, even during a cold start? I know mine does the same thing. I rarely notice the rpm's because I'm gearing up.

    Glenn Semmelmann, just to clear things up, when you say cold start, do you mean hasn't been ridden in a few days, actual air temperature is cold?

  • Yes, hasn't been ridden and it's actually cold. Well I've been starting it up and letting it run for a minute or two every day because it has been very cold here in NY.

  • It still shouldn't be idling that high

  • Idle wax unit

  • Mine has done the same since I bought it last year, I assumed it was normal even though I'm a mechanic and didn't like the sound of it revving it's tits off for a couple of minutes, I'm going to check those vac lines now!!

  • I had a step up seat FS2 I had as a project,

    And when starting it rev'd to 3500/4000 until temp came on the dash.

    Didn't know the bike so didn't know if it was normal or not

    But didn't seem right to me.

  • Had that issue with a intermittent fi light too

  • Mine is the same , been like it since I bought it last year, I assumed it must be ECU controlled as it comes down to a nice smooth idle with normal revs once the temp gauge hits about 48-52 degrees

  • About the point mine got to befor it died down abit.

    Does seem a long while tho.

  • I was told it's normal, the coolant temp is wrong side of the thermostat, so I was told so all take a while to come down

  • Mine starts up cold with normal tick over

    Then the revs rise then drop down after a while.I thought it normal even though my other didn't do it

  • The only time mine had ever idled on startup at 3k is one extremely cold morning, and I figured the bike Dam well knew it!

  • Mine only did it when really cold