McLaren SLR 722 wow

McLaren SLR 722 wow

  • I would much prefer the smart car

  • It's London what do you expect lol

  • Piece of shit. The grom is the beauty.

  • Nice bicycle Thorsten

  • Tudor, I know what the car is. Not so much anymore, but I was an enthusiast. I owned a speed shop in late 90s. The car is still a Mercedes and there are many cars I would take over it at less than half the price. Although I would take it if free only for resale value. Then buy a real car.

  • Sorry, I'm sure you like the car, but personally am not a fan of Mercedes. Some of their older stuff was awesome but they suck now. Your Grom is very cool though!!!

  • Robert haha na its alright I'm not a die hard fan of Mercedes just like rare cars when most people say they don't like a car they don't understand what it is but you do its always good to have different opinions about cars I love I for its rarity :)

  • Not as nice as that orange bike tho

  • I bet you there's the same photo on the McLaren owner's Facebook page saying "Honda MSX. Wow!"

  • "Posh cars.... for when your wallet and ego are bigger than your penis!"

  • "Honda MSX... for when you don't need to compensate!" ;)