• Michael Durham shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners!


    • Shit, how come? looks front slipped away, was it a bit wet or just on brake ?

    • Wrong line and over breaking Rob. Just cleaned calipers, new sinter sbs pads. At least I know the work well now....lol

    • Well glad you didn't have any injuries and could take it on thetrack again, allways a bit shitty when this happens

    • Cheers Rob

    • gutted to hear your news buddy, and i hope your ok, please dont take this the wrong way micheal, but from watching your video, it looks like you should be in the slow group, i admire you for doing trackdays, and its the best way to improve your riding skills.

    • Lol. I know what you mean but you can only get better by playing a better opponent. Lol

    • Problem with the firestorm is only the top speed, torque is good enough , if you have a trackday on a track which is mostly corners and only a short straight end it's easier to keep up with all these screaming 4 cylinder guys

    • I dont have all the power due to being 20 stone and a chicken....I have only just started to move my ass of the seat and get my top half down. It will all come in time. Only my 6 track day so far.

    • keep at it dude, I admire you fella.

    • Well Michael, just keep it going, and it has nothing to do with a race, everbody is doing it on his own level, some a bit slower than others, but who cares !