• Michael Hagland added 12 photos to 2016 Grom in Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Had my Grom for 3 months now so here are some photos of the 1st week I got it

    • Guess yours is the black one?

    • Yes it is mate

    • Well could you tell you mate on the other GO TEAM WHITE

    • How can you ride on vee rubbers? I swapped mine after 45mile lol

    • Will do lol. Nice wheels. Vee rubbers for rolling burnout and I scrape pegs on corners with them

    • I thought I was on my old bike when I picked the new one up and hit a roundabout at speed and it just slide

    • Blimey. I have pilot power pures waiting to go on once they need changing

    • Yeah I agree Michael! I've got 2600 clicks on mine and the vee rubbers hardly look worn after all the burnouts I've pulled! Once they're warmed up they're really not too bad.