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Once upon a time Harley Davidson use to be the mega force in the motorcycle industry. It was always at the top of the list for any respecting biker to want to own. To be in most motorcycle clubs on...

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  • Very good article,i see a lot of Harley motorcycles and parts being sold in Craiglist it is saturated and seems like everybody is getting rid of them,ive never owned one,The japanese took us from 70k engine rebuilds to 300k plus n still running strong,my 2000 4Runner.long trips my Honda Shadow,round the block my 69' Triumph Trophy 250.

  • Junior Diaz

  • Harley Davidson over the years have had their fair share of trouble. Like times of old I'm sure they'll survive

  • I remember when my brother and i picked up our bikes on 2003, On our maiden run, mine didn't miss a beat, his came home on a trailer. I still have mine and still not missing a beat. His is long long gone ... Say no more .....

  • Harleys have been the #2 bike for a very long time now