Mick Reynolds shared Moto Secrets's photo to the group: Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders.


If I could I would ride it on a BSA spitfire, but would settle on my HONDA 750 ACE

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  • Hmm the BSA would probably blow the Shadow off the road but might not make it to the end of the road in one piece.. i had a few of them

  • Me too mate, but back then I lived in the U.K.

  • Bought mine in 68..couldnt get parts back then.. bungie cord for kick start spring.. i chopped it as soon as i got home. Did my first airbrush paint. .later 10:1 pistons. Barrels shaved..head ported. .lighten valve train..open exhaust. 18 tooth engine sprocket. . It never ran a week without going out of tune or something breaking..i was offered a free BSA basket case not long ago.. i didnt take it..

  • Ted Kereluk lol I wonder why

  • Bmw 1600b

  • This one , to enjoy the ride!!!!

  • Yamaha Road Star Warrior 102ci

  • Mine

  • I'd ride my Shadow, hubby would take his vintage Gold Wing.

  • Top three

    Suzuki GSXR 1300

    Honda vtx 1800

    Triumph rocket III

  • My blackbird

  • This is funny! On a shadow page but most would rather ride something else. Not me

  • With my GF

    In my shadow spirit 85 90 miles an hour


  • A vtx 1800.