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  • I've rode in the rain. Feels like someone is throwing rocks at you. Then it started hailing. Had no rain gear. By the time I got home I had welts all over.

  • Ouchhhh

  • Been there done that, got the bruises to prove it! Youse Guys are too funny!

  • Lol yeah, not sure if that makes me a "real biker" or an idiot for not bring rain gear but..lol

  • Leassons have to be learned grasshopper

  • Ah yes, like a fart between the sheets..

  • Lmbo

  • Been there, done that. MANY OF TIMES.

  • Don't fear the rain. But, by all means, respect it. It makes for a different road.

  • I'll fess up, as much as i have experienced riding in the eliments..... i must be getting old cause.... if it looks like rain, I drive 1 of 5 cars I have in the driveway I'm obviously not hard core.... lol

  • Been riding since I was 15 always had a motorcycle never had a car . I've seen lots of rain over my 67 years and still ride mine but nowadays I don't ride in the snow got fed up slipping and sliding and having sliding cars hitting me .

  • Rain ✅ forest fire ✅ snow ( hell no)

  • i live in the uk = it rains a lot = just ride and clean !

  • How about the downpours in Florida or the rainstorms and ma

  • Well I guess it did not post but like we used to say come rain or come shine the roadway is always mine