Might sound like a daft question but should the headlight dip and main beam...

Might sound like a daft question but should the headlight dip and main beam work without the engine running on an '82 xl250r,got side lights but no power to the head light?checked continuity and all wires are ok.Cheers

  • Yeah, it's strange. I've wondered about that too. The diagram doesn't have an earth at all?? It just has the left and right positive from the relay. My XL doesn't have the original instruments so I can't check it but maybe the bulbs had 2 separate filaments? Or there were diodes fitted?

  • Did you fit led indicators?

  • yes and new led flasher relay

  • Ok, I think that is the issue. Looking at the diagram, the warning/dash bulb uses the opposite indicator to draw the earth (across the filament). It's a small current and will not cause the filament to glow. LEDs use much less current and WILL light up under this small amount of current. The solution is to solder diodes into the 2 wires going into the dash bulb, THEN join them together. Finally you will need a separate earth wire. Does that make sense?

  • Or just leave the bulb out but it may fail MOT

  • Cheers Tim Just to be clear cut the blue and orange wire that come from the bulb then fit diode to each wire on the loom side then conect the orange and blue together and run to one side of the bulb and run an earth to the other side of the bulb?What diode do I need?

  • You might want to get some advice but I imagine something like this would work.

  • And yes, what you said is what I meant. It just means that the current can only flow one way to the dash bulb and not back to the indicators themselves.

  • Thats great Tim much appreciated