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So true...

  • Just like any other info on the innerweb...Ya have to do follow up research.

  • Only advice worth giving is.... Ask a professional

  • Nice

  • i give away advice for free.. if I'm not using it...

  • I've found that there is an enormous amount of good information in forums. Unfortunately, that is usually buried under 25 times that much useless, mind numbing, vague, "I want to comment too" stuff. But since I'm not paying for it, I just try to appreciate it for what it is: Somebody answering the question I put out in an attempt to help me, at no cost to me but a little time.

  • I'm still attempting to check the oil in my tires.....

  • Yup!!! My favorite is the ones that have nothing to add but criticize. i.e. "What are you guys doing for music when you ride?"..... "I listen to my pipes", "Music is for pu$$ies"... etc.

  • Don't forget to check your blinker fluid!

  • I converted to LED blinkers so I have to use synthetic blinker fluid.....Gotcha!

  • They've got some good prices on that stuff on Amazon!

  • noticed mine must be low this morning ;) I've got two marker lights out. but not low enough the turn signals wont work.