Mines going to need a new clutch soon not just yet Any upgraded ones that are...


Mines going to need a new clutch soon (not just yet) ... Any upgraded ones that are available in the uk and won't cost me an arm and a leg?

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  • Ben Harman stocks the full EBC rebuild kit with heavy springs and its pretty cheap I'm sure it's under £100 for everything.

  • Stock clutch plates and etc springs are pretty good mate. You got a bbk?

  • I haven't got a bbk , just wondered if there was any better clutch kits

  • Check out the slipper clutch, just for brownie points! Lol

  • Do they have any uk sellers? I want one

  • Ben's bikes racing in Kent, Ben Harman's the man to speak to!

  • Ben Harman

  • EBC Street Racer Kit