Misael Lopez shared GetGeared's video to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna).

How fast was Freddy Spenser's 1984 Honda NSR500? Check this vintage video: Nissan 300ZX Turbo vs. Honda Sabre 700cc vs. NSR500 @ Laguna Seca Raceway. Remember, that was (((31 years ago))).

  • for sure....ever get zoned in while playing pool where you can't miss a shot?

  • Would like have seen this run with a VF1000S instead of the 700 Sabre... Would have been much closer at the finish line... Last saying

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  • For ont thing a street cruiser will never be able to take a bend like a crotch rocket. Wheel base is to long. Second they said the race bike is a 500cc but I can guarantee toy it not stock and its an interceptor engine. Look at the weight differance of the bikes also. This whole thing was a set up for failure. I hate videos like this. in todays world we have fake shows on tv that claim to be reality tv. Look at the fat n the furious. Its filmed right up the road from me. It 99% lies. Then these yoyos go around town like they ate celebs. its a joke. They don't even build thier own stuff then try to claim it as thier own build? Sorry but anyone can buy a big block crate motor off summit raceing abd put it in a chevy vega. Small car big engine and its bound to go fast.....

  • Lol try finding a Chevy Vega... Other than the Cosworth's, ALL Vegas rusted away after about 15 to 20 years. Gone but not forgotten...

  • There are tons of them for sale on the vega group I belong to on here. The point is that those liars misslead kids. They are not doing anything special. O know of real race shops that are not staged that deserve a show way more than some no tallent fat guys.

  • Awesomesauce !!

  • Worst thing about the Vegas were the engines 60k miles and it was worn out aluminum silicone block and cylinders...then you had the sleeve the block with iron sleeves ... Not forgotten but then again not missed either. COSWORTHS' WERE A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR !

  • Mark Soos

    It *is* a track engine/bike. It is not a commercial bike. However, it is *not* 4-in line, it is a V4! Its the racing sister of all Magnas and VFRs

  • Best Vega engine swap (that actually was smart and logical) was a Buick 231 V6 with 5 speed manual trans great power without the heaviness of a iron block V8