• More pics later. Frame is done

    More pics later... Frame is done!

    • :) thanks man hopefully she will be stronger now

    • Didn't purchase it

    • In honest truth I originally had one purchased from TPC and some logistics went whacky and there were mess ups on both ends. Long story short I never got one and they decided to stop making them soon after. So I died a little inside and looked at tons of pictures got some good blades and flat edges and started making rough templates. I continued to check "area markings online" and then took those templates and test fitted them on my trashed frame for clearance issues. Made marks in marker and threw my templates away because I wanted a flush finish and mine were not but I marked exactly where and where not gussets could go past and what I wanted filled etc.

      Hind sight I Should have kept my templates for them to save time but whatever.

    • Yeah I just gusseted mine too. No crack anywhere on it tho but the seat pan had 2 small ones. Now for sandblasting and PC!

    • Yeah on the back and the shifter area this frame was cracked and now repaired. Good to go. Dropping like everything off Monday hopefully

    • KILLER!

    • Posted pics

    • wheres the done product i havent seen it yet? like p/c done :)

    • It's at the shop right now should take around two weeks. HOPEFULLY...

    • This is my exact color I have chosen