Morning Afternoon Evening All


Morning / Afternoon / Evening All,

Have got rid of my Honka luggage and replaced it with Givi Trekker 46litre side panniers and a Givi Maxia3 55litre top box.

When I had the Honda topbox I put power into it, was though only a quick job.

Am now looking for a better solution for power into the topbox for long tours to charge devices. Have been looking at one of these going through the wall / base of the topbox and being permanently in place. Easy and simple enough to unplug the SAE cable coming off the battery before removing the topbox and it is meant to be waterproof. f-socket-Tecmate/dp/B01B3HP0AS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8& qid=1460823788&sr=8-1&keywords=OptiMate+CABLE+O-20

Seems too good to be true.

Anyone else done this or thought about doing this but didn't?

Appreciate any comments / suggestions / thoughts.



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  • How much ???? [and you from Yorkshire....]

  • if it does the job, it does the job :)

  • U can get an optimate fitting cigarette lighter for about £12 off e bay,I had it under the seat then just got a car charger and plugged that in,I was using a car sat nav but depending on what u want to charge it may fit under seat

  • Search tm68 socket on e bay

  • Cheers Paul. I am looking specifically at a solution of putting power into the top box. I have already tried all the options in the past.