Morning all There was a thread on a while back about covers had a look but can...

Morning all!! There was a thread on a while back about covers, had a look but can't find it. Until last night I had an Oxford cover - but now need a new one due to it being stolen. I'd like something that's a bit more snug if that makes sense - any recommendations snug or otherwise gratefully received :-)

  • worth doing mate stronger than ya average cover dude waterproof and tough i got my mrs to sew it all up once i cut to size

  • Best get the Mrs to learn how to sew!!!

  • aye keep ya pimp hand strong dude

  • Lol!!!

  • Might of been this one? It's the dogs bollocks as far as I'm concerned.

  • Yes. This one! Does it have loops front and back for locks?

  • I got a call yesterday at work from my yard to say that the wind had blown my bike over!!! I had the cover on and the wind had got underneath it and lifted the whole bike and flipped it!!! Just looked it over carefully and can only see a couple of scratches on spindle sliders and fork protectors tank fook!!! :)

  • Yes front and rear. Middle clasp also. Vents,padded interior and heat protective panels. Get one!

  • Also helps protect it when it get flipped in the wind!!! lol

  • You get a medium for your MSX?

  • Yes. Fits very well.

  • Medium is sold out everywhere - time of year i guess - bummer - need one asap!

  • Second the jdc cover

  • Bugger. Got mine on amazon. Def worth getting if you can find one.

  • Gonna pull the trigger on this. Can you confirm that medium is ok - the medium Oxford cover is way too big - would a small be ok?

  • Medium jdc. Small size wouldn't fit.

  • Cheers dude.