• Morning guys and girls Any advice My storm now and again sort of miss fires...

    Morning guys and girls . Any advice ? My storm now and again sort of miss fires / pops when revs are low and dropping ? Some times if clutch is in when going down gears it will pop and stall ! You can feel the pop / miss fire like through the seat . Starts straight away again and also ticks over sweet but I'd like to rectify the problem . Carbs dirty ?? Any ideas

    • Are you running with the K&N aircharger?

    • Clint Michaud - I've had 2 variants of exhausts, 2 types of end can, OEM and K&N filter, factory mixture and Dynojetted... It's done it with all the variants. I call it 'character'...

    • The reason I ask...Is that I was having the same issue. I actually took the top of my air box off, fabbed thicker spacers for my tank and it stopped the backfiring. I obviously didn't run it like that forever, but I didn't end up drilling the top of my airbox and it ran A LOT smoother. Also, gives you a little throatier sound. Id try taking the top off for a couple rides to see if it makes a difference ..also...Clean your filters. Hope this helps!

    • I DID drill my air box.. Autocorrect misspells half the words for you anyway. What's the sense in having it? Haha

    • Clint Michaud I'm no too sure what filter it has in although it does have micron race cans on .

    • Try that air box trick first! You'll notice a HUGE difference!

    • If your air / fuel mixture isn't perfect the engine will bang especially when using engine break and picking up revs after that. The best thing to do would be a dynorun, and eventually change some things afterwards. Only change one thing at a time, otherwise you will not be able to sort things out. Start otherwise with Martin Veck's suggestion, it's simple and easy. Don't start with airbox etc, most of the time, if you don't have enough knowledge the engine performance (BHP,Torque or fuelconsumption) will probably not become better.

    • Cheers guys will give it a go and see if the exhaust is sorted firstly . Any ideas where in Staffordshire that could do a dynorun ?

    • If you have no service history @38,000 assume nothing has been done...get your valve clearances checked

    • Marc Ensor - try "Meltedsliders" in Swadlincote - he did mine. PM me, I should have details somewhere. If I can find one of my runs ill post the printout.