Morning peeps Here is my problem replaced carb and manifold ran like a champ...

Morning peeps. Here is my problem replaced carb and manifold ran like a champ and was going 52 mph awesome.. one day my air filter and intake tube falls off and i ran over it. Bent tube and filter trashed. Straighten tube replaced filter ,bike will not go over 35 mph. Hoses are hooked up no leaks air mixture turned up and down idle up and down no change. Guzzling gas like crazy. Plug good. Starts right up all the time. Please HELP.....


  • Have you adjusted your valves? They tighten up after awhile leaving the intake open a little to much resulting in poor performance. Just a thought.

  • It only has 1550 miles and no i have not and dont know how to.

  • Your supposed to set them at 1500 miles man, mine did the same thing. It's super simple looke it up on YouTube or a bike shop.

  • Search " highly detailed gy6 valve adjustment"

  • Is it hard to do

  • Leaking intake tube?

  • Its brand new

  • You posted that you straightened it. You wound up replacing it?

  • Intake manifold is brand new the air intake with filter go bent but its straight now. Sorry

  • Not at all, all you need to do is remove your valve cover, 4 8mm bolts and 2 Egr 8mm bolts. Line up the fly wheel to top dead center and use a feeler gauge from the auto parts store, .003-.004 intake and .004-.005 exhaust, check them at top dead center first to see if they are tight, if they are then that is your problem.

  • Tip don't over tight the valve cover when you reinstall it, hand snug then advance lightly, if over tight you will hear a little bit of a tap, no big deal.

  • I don't see that causing it to guzzle gas, more of a not running right issue, backfire, sputtering and misfire. At 1500 miles I would start at the valve clearance.

  • Man I read that wrong. I pictured the carb and intake tube falling off when I read it not just the filter and filter tube.

  • Foam filter or fiber? If it's a fiber filter, even though you straightened it out, the pores in the fiber core might be restricted from being crushed.

  • Okay will have to adjust the valves and i have a fiber filter. ....what is the best filter to go with one the stock pipe

  • I prefer this kind. Breathes well, easy to remove and clean and handles road wash water well. But that's just me.

  • What size is that and do i need to rejet evem though its a new carb. And what do i do with the vacuum hoses. Ahhhhh

  • This one is sized for the OKO carb I have on the bike, which has a bigger venturi ( throat ) than the stock carb. If yours is stock the size 24mm, if I remember right. There are no vacuum lines on the filter side of the carb. There is a vent line going to the stock filter can. That can be routed straight down to the cvt and tie strapped to the unused bolt hole nearby. You shouldn't have to re-jet.