Most likely been mention asked a billion times so don t hate haha what do...


Most likely been mention/asked a billion times so don't hate, haha.. what do people actually feel like on their MSX/grom for height wise - (based towards tall riders.) I had the chance of a very cheap one other week, went and viewed and it was basically brand new! Either 8.5 mile or 85 mile I can't remember. But yeah being 6'2 I don't know if it was just me going from a sport bike position to such a small bike or not? Anyone at my height riding one of these things? Any pictures of you on them? I'm rode a smaller bike before.. a stomp pit bike road legal and I felt okay on that, hm!

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  • Told you I knew a few big guys who rode groms over on YouTube, knew once you'd heard a few of them saying how much they loved it you'd end up getting one as well

  • Haha! It's you

  • Recognised ya bike from YouTube

  • Haha! I've been there a canny few times playing on the bike testing it, ps it's going to be Aldi now

  • Pic from a few month back.

  • Aye I'd heard rumours that Aldi had bought it and yeah definitely see about setting it up properly lol

  • He still has bike.. so hopefully things go well. If I do manage to get it al get it uploaded for yous!

  • Spot on!

  • 6'2 myself and I love my Grom. I get people asking me all the time what kind of bike is it

  • I'm 5.11" no probs my mate is 6.4" he loves mine to bits and it waiting to get one