Move the pallets dad


Move the pallets dad !!

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  • Hi please how you did to install the side licence plate i have the sa me but cant install it!and for the zbar did you change cables?cause i have this problem too!tks.very nices bikes

  • I took the bolt off the axle and put the plate bracket on and tightened the bolt back. The bars required a longer throttle cable and longer brake line .

  • Harlo you installed struts on your Shadow or still the oem suspension?

  • In the picture the black one has lowered shocks and the silver one is completely stock . I have had struts on my black one before.

  • With the struts installed, was it still nice to ride or couldn't drive for a while because of the stiffness?

  • It rides like crap but looks great. I put 3.5 years in with struts before I bought lowered shocks

  • I use mine daily to get to work downtown. I don't know if I should pull the trigger on a set of struts at 80$ or wait for 400$ shocks...

  • I scored lowered vtx1300 shocks for 20 on eBay

  • And they fit without any mods?

  • Yes