Msx 125 parts taken from 2015 bike

Msx 125 parts taken from 2015 bike

Starter motor £36

Throttle body and injector £45

Front forks £100

Front brake calliper £40

Rear brake calliper £37

Triples and bearings £50

Seat £20

Exhaust £38

Rearset left £35

Headlight £40

Rear suspension £25

Swing arm £20

Taken from a 2016 model i have two sets of stock brake lines offers if anyone needs any

Right hand crank case cover (spinner and clutch cover) covered less than 50 mile on the bike £50

Stock SF low mount exhaust and guard

Rear suspension covered less than 50mile £35

Will update the list as and when things sell also when I come across more stuff I'll add

Any questions just ask

  • I'd be interested in the price for the frame as well if it's available

  • What colour are the wheels

  • Gold , but can paint them any colour you want

  • I was gonna say if I was to do that you may as well just paint mine for me aha

  • Are they the standard ones

  • Josh Martain yes stock wheels

  • Nah may as well just paint mine for me how much

  • Any 2015 boomerangs?

  • Got a Set In red

  • I wanted white or silver :(

  • Just spray them haha

  • Gavin I have pm'd you

  • I'll take the airbox and pipework if available?

  • Inboxed

  • Gavin if you know anyome after theblow mount exhaust its £40 plus postage or collection

  • What exhaust is it dude?

  • Stock low mount for the sf Dan

  • Alright nevermind I'm wanting aftermarket, thanks though dude

  • Frame price? Or just logbook ?

  • .

  • pm'd you..

  • Have you got a throttle tube gav ??